Cutting incentives for rooftop solar makes no sense. Speak up, Gov. Newsom

Having rooftop solar is very important. Here are a few letters to the editor regarding cutting incentives for rooftop solar.

To the editor: As a resident of California who is concerned about the effects of climate change, I am totally baffled by the debate over how the state should address replacing fossil fuel power generation with solar energy. (“California strikes another blow against rooftop solar,” Nov. 16)

It appears that Gov. Gavin Newsom has mixed feelings on the issue. He recently went to China and discussed climate change, and after he returned every one of his appointees to the California Public Utilities Commission voted to approve reducing incentives for installing rooftop solar.

This is a survival issue, not a monetary one. I am currently installing power with battery storage at my home, and the cost is extremely high. By my math, the payback would never meet any corporate rate of return hurdle. I am doing it because it is my small contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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