US developers finish solar carport at recreational vehicle resort in California

DSD Renewables and Black Bear Energy have installed 3,500 solar panels on vehicle canopies at a campground in southern California.

DSD Renewables and Black Bear Energy have announced the completion of a 1.5 MW solar project in Menifee, California, at the Wilderness Lakes campground. They mounted the solar arrays on parking canopies. 

The facility is expected to generate 2.4 million kWh of energy per year, in order to meet about 50% of the total energy use at the campground. The site has more than 500 RV campsites and other facilities. 

The United States has roughly 2 billion parking spots. If 25% of those parking spots were fitted with 2.88 kW (DC) per spot, the capacity would reach 1.44 TW in total. Assuming a lower-than-average generation capacity factor of 15%, due to the sub-optimal angling of the panels, these solarized parking spots would generate 1.89 petawatt-hours (PWh) of electricity. The total electrical consumption of the United States is currently around 4 PWh per year. 

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Source: PV Magazine

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