Providing affordable solar energy solutions through collaborative industry partnerships

Panel The Planet Solar Energy Solutions

We provide solar energy solutions through industry leading partnerships, ensuring a more energy efficient planet for our future.

Panel the Planet is a solar advocacy and energy efficiency consultation firm dedicated to the success of the renewable energy revolution.

We began with a vision; a deep desire to participate in the solution for the ever-increasing challenges within the climate change landscape.  By partnering with many vendors across several green energy markets, Panel the Planet has formed a transparent and client-centric advisory and consultation service.  Our goal is to help reduce global carbon emissions with smart solar solutions for businesses and homeowners, while providing the end user with a solid investment and a stake in a viable future for our planet.

Our vendor partners allow us to inspire, educate and assist our clients in achieving their energy goals.  The products and services we recommend will help conserve energy, use energy efficiently or generate clean, renewable energy.  This will result in a well-rounded, stable, green portfolio investment, demonstrating a commitment to energy independence and environmental stewardship.

Our focus is on putting the client first, combining affordable energy efficiency models with reputable industry partnerships to find the best fit for each project.  We are dedicated, first and foremost, to client satisfaction.

Our Team


Co-Founder and CEO Mark Latham started the company with a team of eco-entrepreneurs to advise and educate clients on how to make the best decisions from both an economic and green perspective.  Mark has always approached business with a client first attitude, believing that no matter his employer, the only way to create long lasting relationships was to put the client first and the bottom line second.

Since 2011, Mark has gained broad industry experience, including commercial level solar and lighting projects and water conservation efforts that are now saving Southern California in excess of 25 million gallons of water per year. After many years learning the business, Mark decided that his personal vision of operation would best be served by starting an independent advisory and consulting firm to better meet the client’s needs. By virtually eliminating operational and overhead costs seen with previous ventures, the PTP model would not only allow for both greater control and transparency over project management, but also create a better negotiating and leverage position with vendor partners on projects that would significantly reduce the cost to client.


Co-Founder and COO Dave Heavenridge joined at the inception of the company to help build a solid foundation and presence in the renewable marketplace and is credited with developing the powerful and descriptive branding, Panel the Planet.   Drawn to the original vision, he brings his 10 years of digital marketing and client development experience to help ensure a positive and growing awareness to both the company and the causes we support.

Having worked many years representing interests in the oil and gas industry, Dave brings his unique perspective of the fading fossil fuel industry to create a powerful message of awareness to the general public while strategizing the best targets for the Panel the Planet brand.  Concurrently, he will be designing systems to attract partners within the solar and green energy communities looking for vendor and channel partnerships or ancillary models to bring solutions to both the commercial and residential marketplace.