Pasadena Water and Power seeks approval for 20-year, $500M solar energy contract

Pasadena Water & Power is seeking authorization from the City Council for a 20-year power sales contract for solar+battery energy storage.

Pasadena Water and Power is seeking authorization from the City Council to enter into a 20-year power sales contract with Southern California Public Power Authority for solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage.

The proposed contract, which will be discussed during the Pasadena City Council’s Municipal Services Committee meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13, would cost an amount not-to-exceed $512.05 million, a PWP memo showed.

The recommendation is part of PWP’s efforts to transition towards sustainable energy sources and meet ambitious decarbonization goals. The proposed contract aims to source renewable energy from the Bonanza Solar project, operated by Bonanza Solar, LLC, located in Clark County, Nevada.

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Source: Pasadena Now

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