Here are the top solar power states in the USA (Sunshine State just 16th)

Florida is next in line after the top 15 solar states, landing in 16th in the overall rankings for solar adoption.

The Sunshine State, unfortunately, has not lived up to its name. It has settled in as a laggard in the adoption of solar power, despite its extensive and world famous solar resources. (And let’s not even get into its offshore wind potential.) With the facts presented a certain way, one might be deceived into thinking Florida is a solar power leader, alongside the Golden State and the Lone Star State. For example, here’s a chart of 2022 US solar PV installations broken down by the top 3 states and then regions of the country.

As that chart shows, Florida was third in the nation in terms of solar PV installations in 2022. It represented 10% of all US solar PV installation capacity last year, only trailing solar giant (and overall economic giant) California (24%) and Texas (18%). Those three states accounted for 52% of new solar power capacity in 2022.

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Source: Clean Technica

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