A Swiss startup is mounting solar panels on used wind turbine blades

A Swiss startup is using reclaimed wind turbine blades instead of metal beams as horizontal supports for solar panels.

Founded in 2022, Turn2Sun is based in Neuchâtel and calls its use of second-life wind turbine blades to support solar panels “Blade2Sun.”

The company explains, “The strength of the blades enables structures with broad wingspan, covering large areas with minimal ground use, thanks to spaced-out foundations. This in turns lets you install large PV arrays with reduced impact on the land underneath.”

Turn2Sun and the federal department Armasuisse partnered up and carried out a pilot in Grisons, in the Swiss Alps (pictured above), at an altitude of 2,500 m (8,202 feet). The prototype had around 16 430-watt solar panels attached to 8.4-meter (27.5-foot) wind turbine blades.

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Source: Today Headline

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