24/7 carbon-free energy is about to become a reality in California

Peninsula Clean Energy says it can deliver affordable clean energy to its Bay Area territory nearly every hour of the year by 2025.

Five years ago, California community energy provider Peninsula Clean Energy decided that buying enough clean energy to match its average annual electricity demand wasn’t enough. Instead, it wanted to deliver clean energy to its customers during every hour of every day — what it calls ​24/7 carbon-free energy.” And last week, Peninsula explained how it plans to get there.

The goal of 24/7 carbon-free electricity is also being pursued by corporate giants Google and Microsoft, cities including Los Angeles and Des Moines, Iowa, and a growing number of other companies and communities across the world. But Peninsula Clean Energy appears to be the first energy provider to set a target of getting there by 2025, well ahead of other zero-carbon mandates at the utility or state level.

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Source: Canary Media

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