Wastewater treatment plant in CA aims to create solar model to follow

ENGIE’s wastewater treatment project involves the public utility West County Wastewater District of Richmond, CA. It is anticipating a savings of more than $83M over the life of the project, while cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 93%.

If all goes according to plan, one wastewater treatment plant in California will demonstrate a solar power and energy efficiency model for others to follow.

The Intertubes have been buzzing with news about a soup-to-nuts sustainability makeover for a wastewater treatment plant in California, but why? The all-inclusive work features an on-site solar power plant of 1.1 megawatts, which sounds like small potatoes. Also, wastewater treatment is not particularly exciting compared to electric vehicles. However, the company behind the upgrade has many more solar gigawatts in the pipeline to help push the US energy transition into high gear, and it looks like no job is too small to catch its attention.

The company tasked with transforming the wastewater treatment plant from climate zero to climate hero is the diversified French energy firm ENGIE. It has been active in the US renewable energy scene for several years now through the ENGIE North America branch, headquartered in Texas.

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Source: Clean Technica

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