US generating capacity additions expected to double in 2nd half of 2022

For the full year, EIA expects 44.4 GW of new utility-scale generating capacity to come online, led by solar’s 17.8 GW

While solar leads the projected utility-scale additions for 2022 at 17.8 GW, that number is down 3.7 GW since the beginning of the year due to supply chain disruptions and other challenges.

Developers and project planners expect to add 29.4 GW of new generating capacity in the U.S. in the second half of 2022, nearly double the 15.1 GW added in the first half of the year, the Energy Information Administration reported last week.

About half of the planned capacity in the second half is solar, with 13.6 GW of additions expected, followed by wind, with 6 GW of additions expected.

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Source: Energy Storage News

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