Solar is lifeline in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona knocks out power

The latest disaster illuminates how much progress Puerto Ricans have made toward energy resilience and how far the island still has to go.

Just two days before the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans received a brutal reminder of how vulnerable the island’s central electricity system remains. On Sunday, Hurricane Fiona slammed into the U.S. territory, bringing feet of rain and catastrophic flooding. All of the nearly 1.5 million utility customers initially lost power.

In a moment that was a bit too on the nose, Pedro Pierluisi, the governor of Puerto Rico, was briefing residents just ahead of Fiona’s landfall when the power suddenly went out in the conference room. Although service has since been restored to some customers and critical facilities like hospitals, it may take several days to fully restore power due to the ​magnitude and extent” of the blackout, said Luma Energy, which operates the island transmission and distribution system.

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Source: Canary Media

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