Residential batteries linked over internet could soon help California’s electrical grid

Newly developed software allows the management of thousands of residential batteries, which, if used collectively, become a virtual power plant.

It has been less than a year since Andrea Divis moved back to San Diego County into a two-story Oceanside home.

“It’s comfortable and cozy, and really, the backyard is kind of like my oasis,” Divis said.

She deals with a chronic medical condition that does not allow her to go without air conditioning or refrigeration for her medicines.

“When I was in Oregon, I was paying, I don’t know, $150 a month for my utilities,” Divis said. “And now I come here, and on the lowest month, it was $200, and I got upwards of $450, $480.”

Divis saw solar as a solution. She added power-generating panels to her roof, and just inside her garage, there is a new Sonnen battery.

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Source: kpbs

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