Researchers design a solar-powered shrimp pond aerator

A team of scientists have designed an automatic pond aerator powered by pv panels - giving shrimp farmers access to sustainable energy

The traditional aerators used in shrimp farming require a substantial power source – without it, shrimp production isn’t as effective or efficient. To help address this issue, the Community Empowerment Real Work Lecture (KKN PM) team from the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) created a photovoltaic-based aerator to strengthen the farmers’ production efficiency.

PM I KKN team leader Putu Eka Widya Pratama SSi MSc RWTH says that aerators are essential to provide oxygen supplies to farmed shrimp as they develop. The lecturer, who also goes by Eka, explains that his team chose Gunung Anyar Tambak Village, Surabaya, to implement the innovation because it is developing its own shrimp farming industry and is expected to become a digital village by developing renewable energy.

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Source: The Fish Site

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