San Diego goes big on microgrids

San Diego officials predict that over the course of the 25-year agreement, the eight microgrids and battery systems will save the city and its taxpayers about $6 million.

The city of San Diego is about to join the microgrid movement.

The first of eight microgrid projects to be built at city facilities was unveiled Friday at the Southcrest Recreational Center in South County as part of a $5.5 million public-private partnership designed to reduce energy costs, cut greenhouse gas emissions and save taxpayers money.

“This microgrid specifically will allow the Southcrest Recreation Center to keep the lights on should there be an outage,” said Alyssa Muto, director of the city’s Sustainability and Mobility Department. “It would also allow the city to rely solely on renewable energy generated and stored here on site.”

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Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

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