Opinion: America finally has momentum in the push for cleaner energy. We must not go backwards.

America is now doing something to address climate change. It finally has the policies in place to both improve the environment and economy.

We are at the advent of the biggest economic revolution in generations. And it’s happening because America finally is doing something to address climate change.

Problem is, some politicians are dead-set on taking us backward again, just as we’re getting started.

Since the passage of landmark federal climate and clean energy policies just 22 months ago, companies have announced more than 300 major clean energy factories and projects across America — electric vehicle and battery manufacturing plants; solar panel and wind turbine factories and farms; and hydrogen fuel plants. East of San Diego, businesses are working with the state to turn the area around the Salton Sea into one of the country’s biggest producers of lithium, the core ingredient in batteries.

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Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

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