California research center installs solar carport

MYNT Systems installed a 623 kW solar system at the research center, which is expected to offset 78% of its energy use and provide a 10% electricity discount to its four tenants.

H&S Properties has hired SolarEdge to install a solar carport and rooftop array on a research and development campus in Redwood City, California. The facility is expected to lower on-site costs for electricity and cut carbon emissions, making the research center a more attractive location for businesses looking to cut costs and environmental impact.

The 623 kW system is expected to offset 78% of the research center’s total energy use and provide its four tenants a 10% discount of electricity. The SolarEdge DC-optimized system is forecast to produce 950,000 kWh per year. MYNT Systems installed the array.

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Source: PV Magazine

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