CAISO adopts energy storage, imbalance market rules to improve grid reliability

CAISO has approved three reliability improvements for storage management that are set to take effect this summer.

The Energy Storage Enhancements proposal adopted by the board and WEIM governing body are intended to improve accounting of a battery’s state of charge, certifying resources are available when needed and providing better tools for exceptional dispatch.

With more than 4,700 MW of storage connected to the grid, CAISO said the real-time market requires that a resource with an ancillary service award be capable of delivering energy to the full amount for at least 30 minutes. For storage resources, they must have energy stored to meet an ancillary service schedule.

In addition, proposed co-located model improvements include an option to only charge storage from on-site renewables to avoid “grid charging” that CAISO said could have federal tax implications for solar projects.

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Source: Utility Dive

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