As solar + storage ready becomes a title 24 mandate, smart technology helps flatten the complexity curve

The Square D Energy Center smart panel from Schneider Electric offers flexible control over solar arrays and battery storage.

If you’re a builder or electrician living in California, you’re probably already thinking about how to meet the State’s latest leap toward net zero: mandated solar and storage in every new house.

As part of the 2022 Energy Code, California has enacted a solar + storage ready mandate. Why? The answer is multi-faceted. The State lies on the front lines of climate change, with worsening wildfires, drought, power outages, and maxed-out energy demands.

California has had a solar PV mandate since 2019, and just passed another mandate phasing out gas-powered cars by 2035. Compared to most states, they’re taking the fast track to phasing out CO2.

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Source: Clean Technica

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