Solar power fuels over 36% of electricity demand in Texas for 5 hours

For about 5hrs on Jan. 28, under the scorching heat of the sun, over 1/3 of the electricity running on Texas’ power grid came from solar power

For about five hours on January 28, under the scorching heat of the sun, over one-third of the electricity running on Texas’ power grid came from solar power.

The solar spectacle, recorded by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), cranked up production to an impressive 15,222 MW of solar at 10:09 am, reported the KUT News.

Then, at the peak of the day’s crescendo, at 3:10 pm, the solar power waltzed in, powering a remarkable 36.1 percent of the electricity demand. The sun continued to contribute around a third of the overall energy demand every hour from 11 am to 4 pm.

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Source: Interetsing Engineering

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