Solar arrays at treatment plant are paying off

Supt. Jason Gagnon said the solar arrays have resulted in a total reduction of $195,855 in electrical costs at the precinct's Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Giving a tour of the North Conway Water Precinct’s newest solar array, Superintendent Jason Gagnon said Monday he would have good news to share at Wednesday night’s annual precinct meeting about the two arrays’ impact on electrical savings.

The latest array, installed in 2021, joins one installed in 2010. Gagnon said they have  resulted in a total reduction of $195,855 in electrical costs at the precinct’s Wastewater Treatment Facility.

He said that 2022 was the first year of “normal” at the facility after the pandemic started. “When we compare average electricity use from 2017-19 (the pre-COVID normal) with electricity use in 2022, we estimate that the annual savings realized from the new solar array alone are more than $155,000 over those previous years,” Gagnon said.

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Source: The Conway Daily Sun

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