Secret of Patagonia’s new see-through solar windows is revealed

With Patagonia on board, NEXT Energy Technologies has a high-profile showcase for its new see-through solar windows.

Word has slipped out that Patagonia is demonstrating a new, fully transparent solar window. That’s a neat trick, considering that it’s impossible to see through a normal solar panel. The manufacturer behind the new solar technology was a mystery because the scoop was hidden behind a paywall when first reported by The Wall Street Journal on December 27. Nevertheless, CleanTechnica sniffed it out, and it’s…not who we thought it was!

Turning glass into an invisible solar energy harvester really is a game-changer. Solarized glass transforms windows, doors, and glass-walled buildings into renewable energy power stations, while enabling interior spaces to continue taking advantage of daylight.

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Source: Clean Technica

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