Photovoltaics for hydroponic greenhouses

Researchers in Iran found that only 4% of the greenhouse’s roof must be covered with PV modules to meet lighting and pumping water demand.

A research group from Iran’s University of Tehran has conducted a feasibility study for the use of PV systems in commercial hydroponic greenhouses across the country.

Their work consisted of calculating the total energy input of a strawberry greenhouse in a case study that currently runs on natural gas and electricity, and then simulating the area required by a PV system to completely replace grid electricity.

“This study aims to assess the energy and environmental aspects, as well as the practicality of employing photovoltaic cells to meet the energy requirements of a commercial hydroponic greenhouse in Alborz province,” said the scientists. “Data was gathered from a 3,000 m2 strawberry hydroponic greenhouse through on-site visits, surveys, and measurements.”

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Source: PV Magazine

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