Photovoltaics for elevated metro stations

Elevated metro stations may highly benefit from rooftop solar power generation combined w/ battery storage, new research from China suggests.

Researchers from the Xi’an Jiaotong University in China have investigated how rooftop solar and battery storage may help cover energy demand in elevated metro stations and found this combination may achieve a self-sufficiency rate of up to 54% and a payback time of 10.2 years.

“Our work is the first study focusing on the PV potential of elevated subway stations based on real energy loads,” the research’s lead author, Haobo Yang, told pv magazine. “Our findings are based on measured hourly load demands and include the impact of battery energy storage on PV system performance.”

In the study “Technoeconomic analysis of rooftop PV system in elevated metro station for cost-effective operation and clean electrification,” published in Renewable Energy, Yang and his colleagues said their work is intended to provide a benchmark for cost-effective operation and clean electrification in urban metro networks.

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Source: PV Magazine

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