New solar-paneled car by Sono Motors debuts in Los Angeles

This week, Sono Motors Sion traveled from San Francisco to San Jose to South LA, gauging interest in the concept of solar mobility.

From a distance, the Sono Motors Sion looks like a garden-variety hatchback. But get up close, and it’s clear it’s anything but. The body is carefully-crafted solar panels, and the dashboard uses living moss as an air purifier. It’s all part of the German startup’s plan to pioneer a new category of electric vehicle: The Solar EV, or SEV.

“We want to really be that holistic company who’s trying to have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible,” said Sono Motors co-founder Laurin Hahn, who prototyped an early version of the car in a garage with his childhood classmate Jona Christians 10 years ago in Munich.

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Source: Spectrum News 1

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