Mitrex announces the world’s first colored solar panels with CEC Listing

Mitrex is now an approved manufacturer on CEC PV module listing and boasts verified bankability testing for PV modules

Mitrex, a North American manufacturer of solar panels and integrated solar technology, is the world’s first and only solar manufacturer to receive California Energy Commission’s (CEC) listing for colored solar panels. Mitrex products are not only CEC, NY-Sun, and FSEC listed but boast bankability testing that evaluates the long-term performance of PV modules.

Mitrex’s complete product line of standard and colored photovoltaic modules are now available on CEC’s PV module listing. In addition to the state of California, Mitrex products are also qualified in Florida and are eligible for New York’s incentive and financing programs through NYSERDA’s NY-Sun program.

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Source: CISION

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