Clean energy is the biggest market opportunity in a generation. Businesses can’t afford to ignore it

The IRA created a massive opportunity for clean energy. EDF President Krupp argues that businesses need to take advantage of this moment.

The government may have created the internet, but the private sector drove the information revolution. A similar opportunity now exists for companies to lead the transition to a cleaner economy. New funding and incentives—through the Inflation Reduction Act, bipartisan infrastructure law, and CHIPS law—will give smart businesses the chance to compete for a share in this multitrillion-dollar market.

American companies have a choice: lead the net-zero transition, or let their competitors capture its opportunities. Businesses and investors who fail to seize the moment may find themselves becoming cautionary tales. As former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, no one wants to be “the last investor in Blockbuster as Netflix emerged.”

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Source: Fast Company

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