Award-winning solar powered house celebrated at Salinas event

Rancho Cielo’s Construction and Sustainable Design Academy students’ solar-home won first place overall in Sustainability Decathlon
 The top-prize-winning Nexus_01 home and the Rancho Cielo team that designed, created and transported it to competition and back, was on proud display Thursday at the Rancho Cielo Open House celebrating those involved and the structure itself.
“It feels great to bring the project home, to bring the trophies home, to share the project with the community and really honor all the work that went into the project,” said Thomas Rettenweder, architect and educator. “It feels amazing.”
Rancho Cielo’s Construction and Sustainable Design Academy students’ home, Nexus_01, won first place overall in the inaugural Orange County Sustainability Decathlon in October in a challenge to design and build a model solar-powered home that addresses climate change and California’s housing needs, showcases innovation and ensures the home is market-ready and can educate the community about climate change challenges.

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Source: Monterey Herald

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