Australia’s first solar-powered cryptocurrency-mining center goes live

Cryptocurrency-mining facility in Whyalla, Australia, believe that they can offer a solution to the curtailment issues.

South Australia’s first solar-powered cryptocurrency-mining facility, which uses renewable energy sourced from a solar project, is now up and running in the town of Whyalla, on the east coast of the Eyre Peninsula.

Developed by the South Australia-based Lumos Digital Mining, the 5 MW data center will be used to mine bitcoin, which requires energy-hungry computers to solve complex maths equations for financial rewards. Lumos CEO Dong Wang said that the facility is powered by renewable energy sourced from the 5 MW Tregalana solar project, which was co-developed by Melbourne-based Climate Capital and South Australia-headquartered renewables developer Eyre Power. The cryptocurrency-mining operation uses 100% of the energy generated by the behind-the-meter Tregalana project, with any remaining power requirements to be met through the grid.

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Source: PV Magazine

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