An off-grid solar tracker powers this EV charging station

The off-grid solar tracker EV charger is quicker and less expensive to install than traditional grid-connected stations and avoids costly utility demand charges since there’s no need for infrastructure.

Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, has installed an off-grid solar tracker EV charging station for its employees.

“This solar electric vehicle charger is a part of the college’s efforts to make our [transportation systems] more sustainable”, said Marcus Welker, assistant director of sustainability at Dartmouth College [via Vermont Biz].

Solaflect Energy, based in Norwich, Vermont, designs and manufactures the Solar EV Charger. The four Level 2 charging points are powered by a 6.2-kilowatt solar array mounted on a dual-axis tracker that generates 40% more power than comparable fixed panel arrays.

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Source: electrek

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