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A decommissioned nuclear power plant from the 1980s is repurposed for agrivoltaics and prairie restoration.

Interest in the emerging field of agrivoltaics has been exploding as researchers and farmers keep adding on to the list of  ways to combine solar panels with agricultural activity. In the latest twist, an agrivoltaic project in California is aimed at restoring native prairie at the site of a decommissioned nuclear power plant.

Agrivoltaics refers to the conduct of agricultural activity within a solar array. A relatively new field, agrivoltaics is a departure from the common practice of not really attempting to grow anything at all under a ground-mounted solar panel, except perhaps for some grass that needs to be mowed down at regular intervals.

Initial versions of agrivoltaics were confined mainly to cultivating pollinator habitats and grazing lands in and around the arrays. More recently, researchers and farmers have been exploring more sophisticated applications that involve growing consumables and preserving whole industries.

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Source: Clean Technica

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