Solar Industry News

AI method learns from experienced staff on perovskite solar production lines

Academics from MIT and Stanford have come up with an AI system which can affect mass production of perovskite solar cells.

Solar soars as renewables chip away at American power kingpin gas

US electricity generation from renewable sources will increase to 23% in 2023 from 20% last year, as solar and wind eat into market share.

Tesla Megapack project with 730 MWh of capacity is now up and running on PG&E’s network

PG&E announced the commissioning of its 182.5-megawatt Tesla Megapack battery energy storage system located in Monterey County.

How San Diego will feed its appetite for solar energy

San Diego as a region needs a lot of renewable energy to meet lofty climate goals it has set for itself and is currently looking east.

Visualizing solar capacity, performance across the US

The 2020 weighted U.S. solar capacity factor comes in at a calculated 24.4%, based on S&P Global Commodity Insights estimates.

MI universities may be developing the next big thing: clear solar panels

An unassuming stretch of windows on Michigan State University’s campus is poised to revolutionize solar energy.

California ran on nearly 100% clean energy this month

California’s main grid ran on more than 97% renewable energy on Sunday April 3, breaking a previous record of 96.4% that was set just a week earlier.

Solar nanowire-nanotube filter offers easy access to clean drinking water

Scientists have developed a highly efficient solar-powered water purification filter, potentially enabling clean drinking water anywhere.

Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years, say scientists

A new concept developed by scientists could pave the way for self-charging electronics that use stored solar energy on demand.